Why choose us?

  • Experience - With nine years of on the ground tuning we have both seen it and done it.

  • Honesty -    We don't make silly claims regarding power or mpg, we offer sound advice.

  • Exclusivity -  Very few can match our proven results across such a wide array of vehicles with such in depth knowledge.

  • Equipment - If there is a relevant, reliable tool for the job we have it. 


We believe every vehicle where possible should be tuned on the dyno (rolling road) for the following reasons -


  • It provides a safe environment for vehicles to be data logged before, during and after tuning.  Data logging on the tarmac is not practical at high speed and in high gears where they need to be measured.

  • The dyno measures power, this in itself is valuable information when tuning and assists us to create the best possible result for your vehicle.

  • You will be provided with before and after power print outs,  you will know exactly what power your vehicle is producing at every point of the rev band