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V-tech Dyno

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Who Are We

V-tech dynamometers have been present on the European market for almost two decades. e rst rolling road was created and installed in 1999 and from the very beginning they featured exceptional accuracy of measurement and reliability. e following years our chassis dynos (rolling roads) have been constantly developed and improved by our R&D department, signi cantly widening product range.

Today variants of our dynamometers include inertial and braked models, modular one axle dynamometers and 4WD linked dynamometers for modern 4x4 vehicles.

  • Amazing accuracy – up to 3000 real measurement points per second, relative accuracy below 0.1% (based on proprietary technology). This is the highest possible performance

  • Modularity – every 2WD dyno can be upgraded to 4WD version in the future. You can order additional eddy current brake, motor holder, OBD adapter or additional sensors... or maybe you want to measure 1000 HP monsters? You can even have 4 eddy current brakes - up to 2000HP!

  • Mechanical axle synchronization on 4WD dynos - you are able to measure vehicles with advanced traction control systems and active central differentials.

  • Bi-prismatic knurled and chrome-plated rollers- the best quality and perfect grip!

  • Mobile version of 2WD dyno - easy to install, easy to move, easy to transport

  • The choice of rally and racing teams, tuner and services throughout Europe.

  • Dynamometers manufactured by tuners for tuners - resulting in ease of use.

  • Dynos are fully supported by our service and multi-year warranty, plus you have the option to extend the warranty period

  • Many configurations and dynamometer options available.

  • Software updates are free of charge if the dyno is serviced by V-tech

  • 24 months warranty, this can be extended to 36 months.

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