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V-tech Dyno

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Who Are We

V-Tech dynamometers have been a prominent presence in the European market for nearly two decades. Our inaugural rolling road was conceived and installed in 1999, setting the standard for outstanding measurement accuracy and unwavering reliability right from the outset.


Over the subsequent years, our chassis dynos, or rolling roads, have undergone continuous refinement and enhancement under the guidance of our dedicated R&D department. This relentless commitment to innovation has significantly broadened our product range.

Today, our dynamometer offerings encompass a diverse array of options, including inertial and braked models, modular single-axle dynamometers, and cutting-edge 4WD linked dynamometers tailored to meet the demands of modern 4x4 vehicles.

  • Outstanding Precision – Achieving remarkable accuracy with up to 3000 real measurement points per second and a relative accuracy that stands below 0.1%, all thanks to our proprietary technology. This represents the pinnacle of performance.

  • Unmatched Modularity – Each 2WD dyno can seamlessly evolve into a 4WD version in the future. Need more power? You have the flexibility to order additional components like eddy current brakes, motor holders, OBD adapters, or extra sensors. And if you're venturing into the realm of 1000 HP monsters, we offer the option for four eddy current brakes, allowing for measurement up to 2000HP!

  • Advanced Mechanical Axle Synchronization – Our 4WD dynos boast mechanical axle synchronization, enabling precise measurement of vehicles equipped with advanced traction control systems and active central differentials.

  • Top-Notch Construction – Featuring bi-prismatic knurled and chrome-plated rollers, guaranteeing the highest quality and an impeccable grip.

  • Mobile 2WD Dyno Option – Our 2WD dyno also comes in a mobile version, ensuring easy installation, effortless mobility, and straightforward transportation.

  • Preferred by Rally, Racing Teams, Tuners, and Services Across Europe – Our dynamometers are the go-to choice for a wide range of professionals.

  • Engineered by Tuners for Tuners – Designed with ease of use in mind, our dynamometers reflect the insights and expertise of those in the tuning industry.

  • Exceptional Support and Warranty – Rest assured, our dynos are fully supported by our service team, backed by a multi-year warranty. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to extend the warranty period to suit your needs.

  • Diverse Configurations and Options – We offer a multitude of configurations and dynamometer options to cater to various requirements.

  • Complimentary Software Updates – If your dyno is serviced by V-Tech, you'll enjoy free software updates, ensuring your equipment remains up to date.

  • Flexible Warranty – Our standard 24-month warranty can be extended to an extended 36-month warranty for added peace of mind.

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