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Unlocking the Hidden Power: BMW 420D 2.0 Custom Tuning Experience

Unveiling the untapped potential, we recently welcomed a BMW 420D 2.0 to our dyno haven. Surprisingly, it arrived with a pre-tune, boasting 204bhp and 414nm of torque, unbeknownst to the owner. Intrigued, we reverted it to stock settings, revealing 172bhp and 384nm.

This presented a blank canvas for our expertise. Through meticulous custom tuning on our 4WD VTECH dyno with the Bosch EDC17C50 ECU, we fine-tuned the engine parameters. Our goal? Striking a harmonious balance between performance and safety.

Upon completion, the results spoke volumes a robust 228bhp and 480nm. The BMW 420D now breathes with newfound vigor, courtesy of our tailored ECU calibration.

But that's not all, we didn't stop at the engine. Our XHP Stage 3 gearbox software ensures a seamless harmony between power and transmission efficiency. The BMW 420D now dances on the road with refined grace and enhanced performance.

This isn't just a service; it's an experience honed by years of mastery. Our satisfied customer, driven by the allure of our engine and gearbox deal, experienced the transformation firsthand.

Join the league of those who have harnessed the latent power of their vehicles. Book online and witness the artistry of custom tuning at its finest.

Special Offer £599.00 for stage 1 custom dyyno tuning and xhp gearbox tuning. Normally £748.00

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