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BMW 435D 3.0 F-Series Custom Dyno Tuning

We're proud to showcase the remarkable results of our recent tuning project on the BMW 435D 3.0 F-Series. With our expertise and advanced technology, we have successfully transformed this already powerful vehicle into a more formidable force on the road.

Unleashing True Potential

The BMW 435D came to us with standard software outputting 305 bhp and 599 nm of torque. Through our meticulous custom tuning process, including adjustments to the Bosch EDC17CP45 ECU and leveraging the pre-installed xHP Stage 3 Gearbox tuning, we have significantly enhanced its performance. The vehicle now boasts a robust 389 bhp and 777 nm of torque. These upgrades were precisely implemented on our 4WD linked Vtech dyno, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the xDrive system and ensuring accurate performance readings.

Why a 4WD Linked Dyno is Crucial

Our 4WD linked Vtech dyno is critical for vehicles equipped with all-wheel-drive systems. It allows for simultaneous and synchronized tuning of all four wheels, providing a clear picture of how the car behaves under various simulated conditions. This ensures that the tuning not only enhances performance but does so in a way that is safe and harmonious with the vehicle’s design.

Decades of Expertise

With thousands of hours of development on this platform, our team at DC Remapping UK offers unmatched expertise. Our extensive experience with BMW vehicles makes us a preferred choice for enthusiasts throughout the UK, many of whom travel great distances to have their cars tuned by us.

Special Offer

The owner of this BMW 435D took advantage of our current promotional offer, adding even more value to their tuning experience.

Easy Booking

Interested in enhancing your vehicle's performance? Visit our website at to view availability and book your session easily. Our user-friendly booking process ensures that you can schedule a tune without hassle.


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