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Range Rover Vogue L405 3.0 TDV6 Tuning

At DC Remapping UK, we're excited to unveil the exceptional results of our latest tuning project on the Range Rover Vogue L405 3.0 TDV6. This iconic SUV is known for its luxury and performance, and with our expert tuning, it's now more powerful than ever.

Enhanced Performance Specs

Originally equipped with a standard output of 242 bhp and 554 nm of torque, the Range Rover Vogue has undergone a significant transformation. By custom tuning the Bosch EDC17CP55 ECU, we've elevated its performance to a robust 297 bhp and 657 nm of torque. This upgrade not only enhances the vehicle's power but also improves its overall driving dynamics and responsiveness.

Decades of Tuning Expertise

Our team at DC Remapping UK brings a wealth of experience to every project, with thousands of hours dedicated to refining and enhancing vehicles on the Land Rover platform. This depth of expertise ensures that each custom tune is both safe and effective, maximizing performance while maintaining the integrity and luxury feel of the vehicle.

Why Choose DC Remapping UK?

Customers from across the UK choose DC Remapping UK for our proven track record and commitment to quality. Whether you're looking to enhance your vehicle's performance for better towing capability, more responsive city driving, or efficient cruising, our tuning solutions are designed to meet diverse needs.

Book Your Land Rover Tuning

Do you own a Land Rover and are thinking about unlocking its true potential? Visit our website at to book your session. Enhance your Range Rover Vogue with expert tuning that delivers noticeable improvements in power and performance.

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