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Unleashing Power: Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning BMW 335D F30

Embarking on a performance revolution, our recent custom tuning session with the BMW 335D F30 took this remarkable vehicle to new heights. Tested on our cutting edge 4WD VTECH linked dyno, equipped with the Bosch EDC17CP45 ECU, the results are a testament to our expertise.

Straight from the factory, the BMW 335D F30 boasted 301bhp and 597nm. Our meticulous custom tuning approach delved into the intricacies of ECU calibration, resulting in a powerful transformation. The final output? An astounding 381bhp and an impressive 760nm of torque, carefully balanced within the engine's safe limits.

Our mastery on the BMW 335D F30 platform is unmatched. Years of experience empower us to extract peak performance while safeguarding the engine and its components.

The process is as smooth as the ride we promise. Booking online is a breeze, providing enthusiasts with an effortless way to unlock the full potential of their vehicles.

Step into the realm of superior performance.


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