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Are Tuning Boxes Any Good?

VW Transporter Dyno Testing: Tuning Box VS Stock

The customer was eager to understand the real impact of the tuning box both in stock configuration and on its more aggressive settings modes 6 and 7. The results were quite revealing.

The tests were performed first with the vehicle in its stock setting to establish a baseline, and then in modes 6 and 7 of the tuning box to see the variance in power and torque.

Initially, the VW Transporter showed consistent performance metrics in its stock configuration, aligning closely with the manufacturer's specifications. This baseline was essential for comparing the subsequent modifications.

However, when we switched the tuning box to modes 6 and 7, the expected increase in performance did not materialize as hoped. Instead, the results were underwhelming:

Mode 6: Slight improvements in torque were observed, but power output was inconsistent, showing negligible enhancement over the stock setting.

Mode 7 This mode, expected to be the most aggressive, unfortunately, did not yield better results. The power and torque outputs were near same as stock.

For vehicle owners looking for more substantial and reliable improvements, custom ECU remapping may be a more suitable option. Unlike tuning boxes, ECU remapping involves a direct modification of the engine’s parameters to ensure each change is tailored specifically to the vehicle’s capabilities and owner’s needs.

Schedule Your Testing

If you're considering enhancing your vehicle, whether through a tuning box or custom remapping, visit our website at to schedule a dyno test. We can help you make an informed decision based on thorough, objective testing


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