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Unleashing Power: Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning & Stage 3 Gearbox Tuning on the BMW 330D F30

Our recent endeavor with the BMW 330D F30 showcased the true potential of this remarkable machine. Equipped with the Bosch EDC17C56 ECU, the stock configuration delivered a respectable 261bhp and 578nm. However, our team at DC Remapping UK was determined to elevate its performance to new heights.

Engaging our 4WD VTECH linked dyno, we embarked on a custom tuning adventure, carefully calibrating the ECU to optimize power without compromising engine safety.

The result? A substantial boost to 327bhp and an impressive 695nm of torque. Our fine tuned approach ensures a thrilling driving experience while maintaining the integrity of the engine and its components.

Not stopping at the engine, we took it a step further by integrating XHP Stage 3 software into the gearbox. This enhancement ensures seamless power delivery, elevating the overall performance of the BMW 330D F30. Our expertise on this platform shines through, reaffirming our commitment to delivering unparalleled tuning solutions.

Customers trust our proficiency, and our recent online booking special a £149.00 savings deal for both engine and gearbox tuning demonstrates our dedication to providing affordable yet high quality services. It's more than just tuning; it's a transformative experience for your BMW 330D F30.

Unlock the full potential of your ride with DC Remapping UK.

This was booked under our special offer £599.00 as a combo deal for the engine and gearbox, Normally £748.00 saving £149.00

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