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BMW 530D G30 3.0 B57D Tuning

We're thrilled to showcase the stunning results of our latest project at DC Remapping UK with the BMW 530D G30 3.0 B57D.

Our skilled technicians have taken this already powerful vehicle to new heights, enhancing its performance significantly.

Starting with the BMW's original specs of 259 bhp and 641 nm of torque, we implemented custom tuning on the Bosch MD1CP002 ECU and installed an xHP Stage 3 gearbox tune. These modifications have boosted the engine's output to an impressive 322 bhp and 780 nm of torque, optimizing both power delivery and driving dynamics.

xHP Gearbox

- Gear Display active in all modes

- Torquelimiter removed

- Optimized Launch Control. 0.25 sec. quicker from

0-60 mph

- 3 selectable Shift-Speeds in Manual

- Quicker activation of Lock-Up Clutch in Sport

- Much more aggressive and faster blips in Sportt

- S/Sportt is now a full race mode for Track and very ambitious driving. Holds gears in corners, auto-blipping when braking into corners.

- Recalibrated D/Sport to be a 100% daily mode, but with a even more sporty behaviour

Special Offer on Tuning

Our customer benefited from a significant discount, taking advantage of our promotional offer which provided £149.00 off the usual price for both engine and gearbox tuning. This reduced the total cost from £808.00 to £659.00, offering exceptional value.

Why DC Remapping UK?

At DC Remapping UK, we bring vast experience and a deep commitment to quality to every project. With thousands of hours of development on the BMW platform, our team offers unmatched expertise and proven results. This is why customers from all over the UK travel to us for their BMW tuning needs.

Book Your BMW Tuning Today

If you own a BMW and are considering enhancing its performance, we invite you to book a session with us. Visit our website at to check availability and schedule your appointment. Whether you're looking for a boost in power, efficiency, or overall driving pleasure, our team is ready to deliver.


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