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Unleashing Potential: BMW 420i 2.0 Roars to Life

In the heart of our customization haven, the BMW 420i 2.0 recently underwent a profound metamorphosis on our 4WD VTECH linked dyno. Guided by the sophisticated Bosch MG1CS003 ECU, this Bimmer was poised for an exhilarating transformation.

Straight from the factory, it boasted a respectable 188bhp and 307nm. However, recognizing the untapped power potential, we embarked on a journey of precision.

Through meticulous fine-tuning of the ECU calibration, the BMW 420i emerged as a powerhouse, boasting an impressive 289bhp and a robust 471nm of torque. Crucially, this power surge was achieved while unwaveringly respecting the safe limits of the engine and its vital components.

Our expertise on this platform is second to none, a testament to years of refining the art of custom tuning.

Exciting news echoes through our facility – the Black Friday event is here. For a limited time, seize the opportunity to redefine your BMW experience. Book your customization online and witness the remarkable shift in power.

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