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Power Unleashed: Transforming the BMW 435d 3.0 X-Drive, Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning & XHP Stage 3 Gearbox Tuning

We recently enhanced a BMW 435d, pushing its factory limits from 300bhp and 614nm to an impressive 380bhp and 782nm.

This transformation, adding an extra 80bhp and 168nm of torque, was achieved through our precise custom tuning of the Bosch EDC17CP45 engine and fine-tuning of the ZF8 gearbox on our cutting-edge 4WD linked Vtech dyno. Join us as we delve into the details of this powerful upgrade, ensuring a perfectly safe and thrilling experience on the 4-wheel xDrive system.

Our seasoned technicians at DC Remapping UK bring unparalleled expertise to the BMW 435d platform. By custom tuning the Bosch EDC17CP45 engine, we unlock hidden power, elevating the performance to an impressive 380bhp. Simultaneously, our meticulous tuning of the ZF8 gearbox ensures seamless integration, providing an extra 168nm of torque for an enhanced driving experience.

4WD Linked Vtech Dyno Testing:

To guarantee optimal performance and safety on the 4-wheel xDrive system, we utilize our advanced 4WD linked Vtech dyno. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to fine-tune every aspect, maximizing power delivery while maintaining the integrity of the vehicle's drivetrain. The result is a harmonious blend of power and safety, giving drivers the confidence to unleash the full potential of their BMW 435d.

January Deal and 0% Finance:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our January deal, offering substantial savings of £149.00. Additionally, enthusiasts can opt for 0% finance over 6 months, making this powerful upgrade even more accessible. Visit our website to explore these offers and take the first step towards elevating your BMW 435d's performance.

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