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BMW X3 40D G01 3.0 B57D Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning

DC Remapping UK is proud to announce the completion of a remarkable tuning project on the BMW X3 40D G01 3.0 B57D. Our expert team has successfully increased the vehicle's output from the factory-standard 313 bhp and 652 nm of torque to a formidable 403 bhp and 801 nm.

Precision Custom Tuning

This impressive improvement was achieved by custom tuning the Bosch MD1CP002 ECU, tailored specifically to the X3's capabilities and the owner's preferences. Our approach not only boosts power but also enhances the vehicle's overall performance, ensuring smoother acceleration and more responsive handling.

Extensive Experience

With massive amounts of experience on the BMW platform, DC Remapping UK brings thousands of hours of development to each project. Our deep expertise allows us to precisely optimize each vehicle's performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Why Choose DC Remapping UK?

Customers from all over the UK travel to our facilities for custom tuning, trusting us to elevate their BMW's performance. We are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring every client leaves with a vehicle that exceeds their expectations.

Book Your BMW Tuning

Do you own a BMW and want to unlock its potential? Visit our website at to book your tuning session. Enhance your driving experience with our expert tuning solutions designed to bring out the best in your vehicle.

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Experience the difference with DC Remapping UK—where we turn potential into performance. Get in touch today to transform your BMW X3 into the powerhouse it's meant to be!


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