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Transforming the VW T5.1 Transporter 2.0CR: Custom Tuning at DC Remapping UK

DC Remapping UK is proud to announce the successful tuning of the VW T5.1 Transporter 2.0, a popular choice among van enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our latest project showcases our expertise and commitment to enhancing vehicle performance while maintaining reliability.

Tailored Performance Enhancement

The VW T5.1 Transporter came to us with a modest 105 bhp and 266 nm of torque. Through meticulous custom tuning of the Bosch EDC17CP20 ECU, we've increased its output significantly to 170 bhp and 340 nm of torque. This upgrade not only boosts performance but also ensures the 5-speed gearbox is kept within safe operating limits, preserving the longevity and durability of the vehicle’s drivetrain.

Expertise in VW Tuning

At DC Remapping UK, our extensive experience with the VW platform is backed by thousands of hours of development. This deep knowledge allows us to optimize each vehicle effectively, enhancing power, torque, and overall drivability without compromising safety.

Why Choose DC Remapping UK?

Clients from all across the UK come to us for reliable and effective tuning solutions. Our proven track record in boosting performance, combined with a careful approach to vehicle integrity, makes DC Remapping UK the top choice for tuning services.

Book Your VW Tuning

Do you own a VW and are interested in unlocking its potential? Visit our website at to book your tuning session. Our team is ready to elevate your vehicle's performance with precision tuning that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Stay updated on our latest tuning projects, special offers, and expert insights by following us on social media. Share your experiences and join a community passionate about vehicle performance.


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