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Enhancing the BMW 430D - Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning & xHP Stage 3 Gearbox Tuning

Our team recently tackled a project involving the BMW 430D, a model renowned for its powerful performance and reliability. The goal was to unlock even more potential from this dynamic vehicle.

Advanced Tuning for Peak Performance

The 430D came to us with a strong baseline of 263 bhp and 566 nm of torque. Our focus was on optimizing the Bosch EDC17C56 ECU and integrating xHP Stage 3 gearbox tuning to enhance its capabilities. The result was an impressive increase to 331 bhp and 685 nm of torque, significantly elevating the vehicle's performance and driving enjoyment.

Leveraging Decades of BMW Tuning Expertise

Our extensive experience in tuning BMWs, built on comprehensive development and practical application, has equipped us with a deep understanding of how to enhance these vehicles effectively. This expertise has drawn BMW owners from across the UK to us, seeking to maximize their car's performance.

Exclusive Tuning Promotion

The owner of the BMW 430D benefited from our exclusive tuning promotion, enjoying a saving of £149.00 on the combined engine and gearbox tuning services. For BMW enthusiasts eager to explore the full potential of their vehicles, we offer an easy booking process through our website.



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