We can cater for single car bookings, be it a race car, track car or every day road car, but we're equally at home running dyno days for clubs and forums.
If you'd like to discuss discounts for group bookings on a dyno day.
Please drop us a line at Tuning@DC-Remapping-UK.co.uk

with your details. We usually hold dyno days on a Sunday and we can offer on site BBQ, drinks and snacks to make your club day an enjoyable and comfortable one!

 V-Tech 4WD Linked DYNO


Power Testing

Probably the most commonly asked for test that we offer on our rolling road dyno is power output testing. The dyno allows us to accurately measure:

Power output @ wheels (measured in BHP)
Torque output @ the wheels (measured in FT/LB or Newton Meters)
Power output @ flywheel (measured in BHP)
Torque output @ the flywheel (measured in FT/LB or Newton Meters)
Air - Fuel ratio (measured in Lamba or AFR)
Boost pressure (measured in Psi or Bar)
Road speed at any given RPM in any gear (up to 150mph)
Transmission losses

Contact us now for prices and if you have any specific requests or queries.

£80.00 2WD for 3x power runs with a print out.

£120.00 4WD for 3x power runs with a print out.


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