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VW Tiguan 2.0cr 150Bhp

We are thrilled to unveil the results of our sophisticated tuning project on the VW Tiguan 2.0cr at DC Remapping UK. Originally outfitted with standard software that produced a modest 156 bhp and 349 nm of torque, this versatile vehicle has undergone a remarkable transformation.

With expert custom tuning of the Bosch EDC17C64 ECU, we have successfully increased its output to an impressive 203 bhp and 458 nm, significantly enhancing both its performance and driving dynamics.

Comprehensive Custom Tuning Expertise

Our team at DC Remapping UK leverages extensive experience with VW vehicles, particularly with the Bosch EDC17C64 ECU platform, to refine and perfect our tuning processes.

This expertise enables us to deliver substantial performance boosts and enriched driving experiences.

Our meticulous approach extends beyond mere power enhancement;

we focus on comprehensively optimizing the vehicle's overall performance characteristics, ensuring each tuned vehicle performs optimally in a variety of driving conditions.

Why Choose DC Remapping UK?

Our seasoned team has accumulated thousands of hours of rigorous development work on this and similar platforms, affording us a profound understanding of the intricacies of vehicle tuning. This depth of knowledge ensures that we deliver reliable and noticeable improvements that our customers can experience directly on the road.

Trusted by Customers Across the UK

Clients from all corners of the UK entrust DC Remapping UK with their vehicles for custom tuning services. They know that their vehicles are in skilled hands. Whether they are seeking more robust power, improved fuel efficiency, or a more responsive driving experience, our tuning solutions are designed to meet diverse needs while exceeding expectations.

Booking Your Performance Enhancement

If you own a VW and are contemplating a performance upgrade, visit our website at to check availability and book your tuning session. Our booking process is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring you can easily access our services to unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

Stay Connected with DC Remapping UK

We invite you to follow us on social media to keep up with our latest news and projects. Join our vibrant community of car enthusiasts, share your vehicle enhancement stories, and get inspired by others' experiences.

Experience the difference with DC Remapping UK, where advanced technology meets deep tuning expertise to transform your VW Tiguan into a more powerful, efficient, and enjoyable vehicle.


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