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What Is The Difference Between Tuning Stages – Stage 1, 2, 3,

Stage 1 Tuning & Mods

Mods Required:None*

It’s fair to say stage 1 tuning is the most common option. These tunes generally do not require additional mods. We will work with the safe limits of the engine.

Stage 1 tuning don’t require mods.

Tuning & Mods Stage 2

Mods Required:Tuning, Intake, Exhaust, Fmic

Stage 2 is where things can become a lot different depending on the specific car in question, and other factors.

Both Petrol & Diesel need breathing mods done,

What is fair to say is that stage 2 tuning and mods are more aggressive. Stage 2 tunes are usually designed for use with other modifications.

Stage 3 & Higher Tuning

Mods Required:Mods from stage 2 + dozens of different options ie uprated turbos, fuel systems ect

Stage 3 is often the all-out, no expense spared, most aggressive setup for big power. This is where NA engines start adding forced induction and/or boring and stroking the engine. Turbo and supercharged engines look for bigger turbos and superchargers.

Almost all engines will require extensive fueling mods at this point. A lot of modern cars use direct injection, which can be very capable. However, these systems rely on incredibly high-pressure and they’re harder to modify. Many look to add extra fuel pumps and port injection. It may also be time to address engine internals like the block, rods, bearings, pistons, head studs, etc. Stuff like this is common when moving onto a stage 3 setup.

Power gains are really pretty limitless when it comes to stage 3 tuning and mods.


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