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Unleash the Power of Your BMW 435D: Custom Stage 1 Dyno Tuning Results

The BMW 435d is a powerful and capable vehicle, but as with most cars, there is always room for improvement. Recently, our team at DC Remapping had the opportunity to work on a 435d and push its performance to new heights.

The car arrived at our facility with a factory rating of 304 horsepower and 606nm of torque. While this is certainly no slouch, our team knew that we could extract even more power from the engine. Using our state-of-the-art dyno equipment and custom tuning software, we set to work on a stage 1 remap.

Our tuning process begins with a thorough health check of the vehicle to ensure that it is running at 100% before any tuning is done. This includes checking for any potential issues such as a faulty sensor or worn components ect.

The first step was to perform a "before" dyno run to establish a baseline for the car's performance. From there, we began making adjustments to the engine calibration, air/fuel ratio, boost pressure, and other parameters to optimize performance. We then test the results on the dyno and make any necessary adjustments until we achieve the desired horsepower and torque output.

After several hours of fine-tuning, we were able to increase the 435d's power output to an impressive 380 horsepower and 761nm of torque. This represents a significant increase in power and performance, allowing the driver to experience a more thrilling and responsive driving experience.

But we didn't just focus on power gains, we also ensured that the engine and its components remain within safe limits to ensure reliability. We also provided the customer with a before and after print out of the vehicle's performance, so they could see the difference for themselves.

Overall, it was a great experience working on the BMW 435d and pushing its performance to new heights. If you're looking to unleash the true potential of your vehicle, contact us at DC Remapping to schedule your custom dyno tuning today.

Custom dyno tuning is £450.00inc vat

Contact us:

01925 819002


Unit 20 Trinity Court Birchwood Warrington WA3 6QT

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