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Sid 212 / sid 212 evo Power Class Change

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

▶️Transit Custom Power Class Changing◀️

As many Transit Custom owners already know the late 2019, 2020/21/22 models have the Siemens SID 212 or 212 Evo engine control unit. This control unit can currently not be remapped due to security protection within the ECU’s software. This will change at an unknow future date but for now traditional remapping cannot be performed.

Whilst all of these models are mechanically the same they have left the factory with one of these power classes -

105 BHP and 360 Nm

130 BHP and 385 Nm

170 BHP and 405 NM

185 BHP and 420 NM

We can now upgrade the 105, 130 and 170 BHP models to the 185 BHP and 420 NM specification.

Whilst this is not in any shape or form custom remapping we see it appropriate to carry this power class changing on our rolling road so that we can perform our normal checks (data logging, power checking and carry out DPF regeneration where required).

The cost of this is £195.00 Including VAT.


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