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Mercedes C220D Custom Stage 1 Dyno Tuning

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a Mercedes C220 diesel at our workshop. This vehicle came to us for our custom stage 1 dyno tuning service, and we were excited to see what kind of gains we could achieve for the owner.

The C220 diesel, as it came to us, had a factory output of 168 horsepower and 339 nm of torque. These are respectable numbers for a diesel engine, but our team knew that we could do better. After running the vehicle on our 4wd linked dyno, we were able to extract a significant increase in power and torque.

With our custom tuning, we were able to increase the horsepower to 219 and torque to 462 nm. This represents a 30% increase in horsepower and a 36% increase in torque, respectively. This kind of gain is not only impressive, but it also translates to a noticeable improvement in the vehicle's overall performance.

The C220 now accelerates faster, has more pulling power, and overall feels more responsive and lively. The owner of the vehicle was extremely pleased with the results, and we're sure that they'll be enjoying their newfound power every time they get behind the wheel.

We pride ourselves on our ability to extract the most out of each vehicle we work on, and the C220 is no exception. If you're looking to get the most out of your diesel vehicle, contact us today to schedule your custom stage 1 dyno tuning.

Cost of stage 1 custom dyno tuning £450.00inc vat 01925 819002 Unit 20 Trinity Court Birchwood Warrington Cheshire WA3 6QT


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