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Bmw 33d retune

▶️ BMW 335D 3.0 313hp - in For Retuning Tuning.

⭕️Pre Tuned - 347.6hp & 742nm of torque

⚫️Stock - 307.0hp & 622nm of torque

🟢DC - 379.0hp & 788nm of torque

Customer felt it wasn’t producing the best it could do, after using us in the past and seeing the results that we achieve on the platform he decided to book in with us and see what the vehicle was doing and go from there.

The custom is over the moon with the overall performance.

Full heath check carried out as normal & Service regen.



If you are interested in having your vehicle tuned send us a message with your vehicle reg and a member of our team will

Provide a quote and expected gains.

3-4-6 monthly plans available. No extra cost

☎️ 01925 819002

📍Unit 20

Trinity Court







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