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BMW 316D 2.0 Diesel Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning

At DC Remapping, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality remapping services for a variety of vehicles. Recently, we had the pleasure of tuning a BMW 316D 2.0, and we're excited to share the results.

Before we dive into the details of the remap, let's talk a bit about the BMW 316D. This model is part of the BMW 3 Series, which is a popular choice among drivers who want a car that's stylish, reliable, and fun to drive. The 316D is a diesel model, which means it's already pretty fuel-efficient. However, we knew we could make some improvements and give this car some extra oomph.

When the car came to us, it was running at 115bhp and 259nm of torque. While these numbers are respectable, we knew we could do better. We got to work on the remap, carefully tweaking the car's software to optimize its performance.

After the remap was complete, we ran some tests to see how the car had improved. We were thrilled with the results. The BMW 316D 2.0 was now running at 194bhp and 407nm of torque. That's a significant increase from the car's original power output.

But what does that mean in terms of performance? Well, the car is now faster and more responsive than ever. It accelerates more quickly and can reach higher speeds with ease. Plus, the increase in torque means that the car has more power when it comes to towing or hauling heavy loads.

Of course, we didn't just focus on power when tuning this BMW 316D 2.0. We also took care to ensure that the remap was safe and reliable. We understand that our customers want to enjoy the benefits of a remap without worrying about damaging their car's engine or compromising its safety features. That's why we always take a thorough approach to every remap we do, using our expertise and experience to optimize performance while maintaining the car's overall integrity.

We're thrilled that this BMW 316D 2.0 owner chose DC Remapping for their remap, and we're excited to see how they enjoy their upgraded vehicle. If you're interested in getting a remap for your car, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you get the most out of your vehicle.


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