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BMW X5 40d F15 3.0 Diesel XDrive N57 Stage 1 Custom Dyno Tuning an Stage 3 XHP Gearbox Tuning

The BMW X5 40d F15 3.0 Diesel xDrive is a high performance luxury SUV that boasts impressive power and torque figures straight from the factory.

However, at DC Remapping UK, we recently had the opportunity to custom tune one of these impressive vehicles using our 4WD Vtech linked dyno. Our custom tuning process involved working on the vehicle's Bosch EDC17CP45 ECU and the ZF8HP gearbox using the XHP Stage 3 tune, resulting in an impressive power increase from 300bhp to 387bhp and torque increase from 601Nm to 777Nm. The customer also took advantage of our current 10% offer, making this an even more attractive option for those looking to improve their vehicle's performance.

Despite the impressive performance figures, we at DC Remapping UK knew that we could further enhance the X5's power output and overall driving experience through custom tuning. Our experienced technicians used our state of the art 4WD Vtech linked dyno to measure the vehicle's performance and make the necessary adjustments to the ECU and gearbox tuning. We adjusted the fuel delivery, turbo boost, and ignition timing to optimize performance and increase horsepower and torque.

The XHP Stage 3 tune for the ZF8HP gearbox was also applied to improve the gearbox's performance and shifting speed. This tune allows for faster and smoother shifts, resulting in an even more engaging driving experience.

After the custom tuning process was complete, we saw a significant increase in the BMW X5 40d 3.0 Diesel xDrive's power and torque figures. The power output was increased from 300bhp to 387bhp, and the torque increased from 601Nm to an impressive 777Nm. The increased power and torque figures have resulted in an even more engaging driving experience, with the X5 now feeling more responsive and powerful on the road. The XHP Stage 3 tune for the gearbox has also improved shifting speed, making gear changes more efficient and smooth.

If you're interested in custom tuning your BMW X5 40d 3.0 Diesel xDrive, contact us at DC Remapping UK. With our experienced technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise in custom tuning, And don't forget to take advantage of our current 10% offer! #bmwx5 #bmwx5m


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