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BMW 335D *** BAD MAP FIX ***

BMW 335D 3.0 - In For Our Stage 1 Custom Tuning & Gearbox Tuning On Our 4WD Linked Dyno.


The vehicle came in to us from been previously tuned elsewhere by a mobile company.

Customer said it felt really flat in the top rev range. We did some data logging while doing a dyno pull and we could see the issues with it,

We read the ecu calibration and what they had done was turned the dpf & egr off while the dpf filter was still installed on the vehicle and sent the duration map sky high this was throwing to much fuel in to the engine.

The customer was very lucky that the turbos didn’t blow with the amount of back pressure it was suffering due to the cowboy map it had.

We set the vehicle back to stock the dpf & egr turned back on did a service regen to free up the dpf filter it took a while to do this with the last time it had a regen was over 5000miles ago due to the dpf been switched off.

We did some stock runs and then rebooked for custom tuning with the gearbox tuning. The results speak for themselves.

⛔️ BAD TUNE 258.5bhp & 634NM

⚫️ Stock 282.9bhp & 600NM

🟢 DC 379.1bhp & 685NM

Stage 1 Dyno Tuning £450.00inc vat

Gearbox Tuning £300.00

👉🏻To Book a Tuning Appointment Please Visit - 👈🏻

0% payment plans available

For more info Visit


Why Choose Us?

🟢Professional Dyno Tuning With Proven Results 📈📉

(no made up figures without back up)

🟢 X-Drive - Sport Diff - Quattro - 4 Matic Safe

🟢 Live Data Logging

🟢 More BHP | More Torque

🟢 2WD & 4WD linked In-House Dyno.

🟢 Better Throttle Response.

🟢 Vehicle Diagnostic included.

🟢 Custom Stage 1 2 3+ Tuning Available.

🟢 Over 9 Years of Experience.

*Other Services That Are Available*

🟢 Speed Limit Removal.

🟢 DSG Gearbox Remapping.

🟢 BMW Gearbox Remapping.

5🌟 Google & Facebook Reviews.

💳 Credit & Debit Cards Accepted.

☎️ Tel: 01925 819002.

💻 Web:


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📍Unit 20

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